How to Report A Claim

Report a claim

In an effort to expedite the processing of your claim, please email with the following:

  • Policy Number
  • Policy Holder’s Name (Named Insured)
  • Insured’s
    • Street Address (City, State, Zip)
    • Contact Name
    • Phone (please provide two when possible)
    • Email Address (if available)
    • Vehicle info (year, make, model, vin # or license plate)
  • Date & Time of Loss
  • Location of loss (Address, City, State, Zip)
  • Loss Description (describe what happened)
  • Witness information (Name, Phone), please provide two when available
  • Injured/Damaged Party information
    • Name
    • Company (if applicable)
    • Street Address (City, State, Zip)
    • Phone (please provide two when possible)
    • Nature of injury &/or property damage
    • Vehicle Info (year, make, model, vin # or license plate)
  • Reporter Information (who is submitting this claim?)
    • Name
    • Relationship to Insured
    • Report Date
    • Phone (please provide two when possible)
    • Email Address
  • Any attachments

Send all written communications to the following:

Hines Peak Claims
2400 E Main St., Suite 103-368
St. Charles, IL 60174

Report Fraud

Hines Peak Claim Adjusters is committed to providing fair and accurate claims services. Insurance Fraud increases costs for everyone and, in some cases, can put you, your family and friends at risk. As part of our commitment to combating fraud, we maintain an active Special Investigation Unit (SIU) and support the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) .

We encourage you to join us in this anti-fraud effort by reporting any suspicious, counterfeit, or inflated claims. This can be done anonymously simply by calling 1-800-TEL-NICB (1-800-835-6422) or by reporting online at